Summer Vacation Fun For Your Dog

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The kids are off of school and that means they will have more time to play with your family dog. What kind of fun can you arrange to keep the kids entertained while playing with the dogs? Fetch is fun and teaches your dog a worthwhile trick of chasing the toy that's been tossed and bringing it back to you.

The Crazy Bounce toy adds to the excitement of a plain old game of fetch because the toy has an eccentric, unpredictable bounce. It's a retrieving toy sure to keep your dog entertained with its erratic bounce design and all natural rubbery chewiness.

Even dogs with strong chompers can fight boredom with this toy. Crazy Bounce's solid rubber construction holds up to the strongest of chewers.

Keeping the kids entertained and out of the house and running around in the summer sunshine and giving your dog some much-needed exercise is great to beat boredom!

Why should your dog play?

  1. It keeps them at a healthy weight
  2. Exercise tires them out and a tired dog is a happy dog
  3. Play keeps their brains engaged and chasing an erratically bouncing ball is more fun than following the trajectory of a tennis ball!

The Soda Pup Crazy Bounce is:

  • Made in Colorado
  • Sustainable, Non-toxic, Biodegradable
  • Perfect for retrieving games with your dog.
  • Easy for dog to pick up.
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